Welcome to a yoga studio at Yoga 101.
It is our privilege to inspire you to become your authentic self through practice and to regain your self-awareness, mental clarity and spiritual connection.

What makes Yoga 101 a place to practice:

  1. Our classes are taught by qualified masters, who have the ability to observe your development throughout your practice, impart correct guidance and knowledge, and take you beyond mere physical improvements to a more peaceful mind and compassionate way of living.
  2. Our classes are designed to fit to all types and levels of practitioners, from beginners to advanced, from the strong to the flexible, and for those students seeking mental purification.
  3. Our studio is located in the heart of the city at a very convenient location that can be reached directly by the BTS. Surrounded by nature, its tranquil atmosphere is an ideal place to practice. With ample space, you will be sure to find comfort during class.
  4. Our high-quality yoga equipment and facilities come fully provided, including mats, blocks and straps, and shower rooms with amenities

Yoga 101 is an authentic yoga studio where you will experience a variety of classes with our qualified masters. Come and open your wings to state of bliss within.