Hatha / Hatha classic / Hatha basics


HATHA (HA means sun and THA means moon) is unique class where you can purify the internal and external parts of your body through the help of asana (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), mudra (gestures) and bandha (lock). The meeting of sun and moon energy through various breathing techniques and physical movements helps to balance us internally.  The outcome of balancing nervous channels helps the practitioner to experience the sattvic (divine) state of mind.

It is a traditional class and also part of the hatha yoga family, where you move with kriyas (external movements) and physical postures.  It helps to awaken the psychic nervous system and build up the inner power to channel your energy to your very being.

It is a combination class where all basic warm ups are included, helping to keep your body supple and avoid injuries.  It is a step to enter into the physical body with full of ease and comfort.



A class that mixes postures and breathing exercises to reconnect yourself in search of the ultimate truth.  Prana (breath) is a bridge between your body and mind.  Throughout this class you can experience how to regain your own bio-energy.  Those who practice regularly under guidance can cure all types of physical and mental disorders.

Therapy (Back and neck)


Athleties, runners, weight lifters, those with back and neck injuries, cervical disorders, and slipped discs can highly get benefit from this class.  Yoga postures can help to cure physical illness, particularly for those who sit in the office for long periods of time, travel continuously, or who have low back pressure or stiffness and heaviness in the body.  This class helps to heal your back injuries and rejuvenate your strength, improving your spine and neck.




According to Sri K Pattabi Jois, Vinyasa system is the major part to experience the inner truth, these set sequences are made with the usage of proper Ujjayi, Drishti (gazing methods), Bandha and meditation. It has primary series, intermediates series & advance (A,B,C,D) you will be experiencing both led and self-practices as well. If you are looking for a challenging and athletic types of yoga practice than don’t miss out this class. 


This class helps to align the body with fundamental asana movements through various directions. It’s a combination of both active and passive stretching movements, thus helping to stretch from the superficial level to the deepest level of the human body.  Also, it helps to create flexibility on muscle, bones, ligaments and tendons.  It’s a class where you really feel the stretch with full of fun.


This is a challenging class that builds up your stamina, strength and flexibility through variations of sun salutations. The flow helps to synchronize your breath with different body movements. It’s a challenging class for those that want to burn fat as well as those who want to improve their physical and mental health.

Core yoga


Runners, dancers, weight lifters, swimmers, and cardio lovers all need core strength to advance in their practice. This unique class will strengthen your different core muscles and create the heat energy needed to stimulate the manipura chakra. Core yoga is also effective at curing digestive and abdominal disorders.

Yoga Nidra


Yoga nidra is a practice where we learn to have conscious sleep while all distractions vanish and silence gushes in.  This technique was done in the old days by most of the sages and rishi munis.  It’s a method to keep you in balance mentally.  When we focus, naturally we either fall asleep or go to the dreaming stage; therefore to experience this technique, a knack has to be created by your own experience.  When the class begins, you’ll feel it just started by the time it ends.

Private session

Our private sessions offer focused attention and advice as you learn and grow deep into your practice. 

Whether you are new to yoga, recovering from an injury, need specific treatment on a particular area, or simply too busy to attend the regular classes, private sessions can really be the right choice and gateway to dive deep into your regular practice to reach an uphill task.

  • Asanas are focused on your specific needs and interested areas to reach from basic to advanced levels.
  • Reduced chance of injury, as our teacher will monitor your alignment.
  • Go beyond asana: dive deeper into yoga theory and history, if you are interested
  • Regular sessions improve accountability and help keep your practice on track without fail.
  • Traditional meditational methods can be taught to improve your Personal Spiritual growth.

Come and experience to deepen your physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga with our universal yoga teachers.